Annual Golf Presentation

Lakeside Golf Club Camden held their Annual Golf Presentation recently on Saturday 22nd July 2017 in the Lakeside Function Centre. Congratulations to all winners in each category, with a special mention to Ethan Blackwell for winning the A Grade Overall Men's Club Champion Ethan Blackwell.

2017 Matchplay Championships

Junior Runner-up – Josh Hatton 
Junior Winner – Julian Fuentes 
Senior Runner-up – Michael Brown 
Senior Winner – Paul Dawson 
C Grade Runner-up – Anthony Messina 
C Grade winner – Philip McDonald 
B Grade Runner-up – Brian Brown 
B Grade winner – Warren Avery 
A Grade Runner-up – William Wright 

2017 Jack Quinn Memorial Foursomes Championships A, B and C Grades

The Winners in each grade are: 
C Grade Nett Winners – Don Rankin & Chris Pollard 
C Grade Scratch Winners – Michael Coffey & Anthony Cawthorne 
B Grade Nett Winners – Bernd Scheidler & Peter Hodge 
B Grade Scratch Winners – James Gatt & Vic Sacco 
A Grade Nett Winners – Neil Smedley & Paul Dawson 

2016 CB Russell Mixed Foursomes Championships

Nett Winners – Chris Warby and Robyn Francis 
Scratch Winners – Ben Warby and Joanne Ogle

R H McKinnon “2016 Cock of the Walk

Runners Up – Barry Ness and Zac Bosnich 
Winners – Brian Brown and Ross Tindale

2016 Men’s Gold Medal

C Grade – Alan Mathison 
B Grade – Mark Simpson 
A Grade – Corey Dowling

2016 Men’s Silver Medal

C Grade – Morris Novakovich 
B Grade – Fred Aliendi 
A Grade – Paul Micallef

2016 Men’s Club Champions

Senior Nett Winner – Brian Challis 
Senior Winner  - Phillip Lockyer 
C Grade Nett – Graham Johnson 
C Grade runner-up – Fred Pobje 
C Grade winner – Brian Reid 
B Grade Nett – Jason Grovenor 
B Grade Runner-up – Stuart Collins 
B Grade winner – Andrew Calman 
A Grade Nett – Greg Fish 
A Grade Runner-up – Corey Dowling 
A Grade – Ethan Blackwell

2016 Ladies Club Championship

Veteran – Tracey Wood 
Division 2 – Carol Jones 
Division 3 – Lorraine Head 
Club Champion – Tracey Wood