Competition Cancellation Policy

Members and Visitors are obliged to provide adequate notice of cancellation of golf bookings. Providing adequate notice is a courtesy to all players to ensure others are given the opportunity to play golf at Lakeside. 


The required notice of cancellation is prior to 1pm the day before the scheduled competition. It is the member/visitors responsibility to remove their name from the Booking Sheet if they are unable to play.

If a member/visitor is identified as:

  1. Cancelling their booking after 1pm the day before the scheduled competition
  2. Absent from a competition they were booked without adequate reason, the member/visitor is considered a “no-show”

The member/visitor is:

  1. Required to pay the current competition fee prior to their next competitive game
  2. Recorded on the late cancellation/no show register
  3. To receive a warning letter 

Failure by any member to pay the stated fees imposed will render the member un-financial and ineligible to play in Club Competitions, will render their visiting rights null, and will be classified as ineligible to play in competitions. If a member/visitor continues to be reported for late cancellations or no-shows, the Golf Advisory Committee and Board of Directors may impose further penalties. We understand the wet weather is out of our member's control, therefore the effects of wet weather will be taken into account in respect of late cancellations only.

Reserve List

Members who have been unable to boo an acceptable tee time are urged to place their name on the reserve list at the Golf Shop. Names from this list are given priority upon a cancellation.