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Course Conditions & Renovations

Course Renovations

The Course will be cored on Wednesday 16th August following the completion of a Corporate Day. Social play will be available on Holes 10 - 18 from 1pm throughout the afternoon.

The Course will be closed on Thursday 17th August to complete. The Course renovations are required to carry the Course through the Summer month.

Golf Advisory Committee.


Attention Golfers 

Whilst the Gledswood Holes may be playable, the proposed Licence Deed from the Developer to us is not acceptable. At this point in time, we prefer to wait until the Developer transfers the Land Title to us (March 2018). Until then, please enjoy the spacious tranquillity of the course. 

Regarding the next stage, we shall wait until the new Greens on 11 and 17 are playable in late August before we commence works on the two greens.

Tony Mathew
Cheif Executive Officer

Autumn Coring 2017 

Coring will commence on Wednesday 19th April and should only take one day to be completed, however it could possibly continue into Thursday 20th April. Whilst hoping the greens could get through until they were constructed, the extreme summer season they have just endured means they will need renovating to be their best through winter. We do this only to provide the best playing surface possible. 

The old greens 2, 3, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 will be cored and top dressed, fertilised and then watered in. 

New greens 1, 4, 10 and 18, and old greens 5, 6, 7 and 9 will just be solid tyned and top dressed, fertilised and then watered in. 

The ground staff apologise in advance for any inconvenience. 

Course Renovation Works

Please click here to view the Course Construction Update as of May 2017 from the Course Superintendent Dean Hopper

We are pleased to announce we have started working on the 4 holes of 5th - 8th Fairways, including the 7th & 8th Greens. The GAC and CEO, Tony Mathew completed a walk around of the holes recently which can be seen below. We hope the rain stays away long enough for us to continue working on the holes and further. 


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Irrigation Works

Irrigation is also pushing ahead. So far hydrotechnics have installed mainlines from the pump shed to the new 4 holes on Gledswood that will be built. A 600mm wide trench is needed to carry the different pipes. They vary from 315mm, 250mm, 180mm, 160mm mainline poly pipe, 110mm potable water poly line, 240v power cable and a bubbler line. Mainlines to the 10th and 18th have also been installed.

It now is making its way to the 1st and 4th holes. Lateral lines are 63mm poly and can be installed with a trenching machine and have less impact on the course. The sprinklers attached to this line. 3 lines will generally run down the hole. 1 lateral runs through the middle of the fairway and 2 down the edges of the fairway.

The 10th and 18th have some lateral lines but will need to be finished when temporary greens are no longer used as they need to run through them. At the moment Lakeside staff are turf cutting turf in front of the works wherever possible, then following back up and filling trenches and laying the turf back. Due to the wet winter, it is so much harder to keep the course clean from all the wet clay. 

GUR in these irrigation trenches and construction areas remains in place. 



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Stage Map

Please click here to view the Lakeside Golf Club Camden Stage Map.