Camden Lakeside Country Club

Encourage Shield Team 2017 

Week 1

Had a big day out with Lakeside Encourage Shield boys at Windsor GC, David Recko 's old stomping ground. It was an important day. This group (7 of 8) have been playing golf less than 2 years and none of them have ever played pennants (or match play for that matter) before. To take new golfers through the learning process to becoming members and getting a AGU handicap to representing their club in such a short time is a credit to the hard work put in by them all and their parents for all their support. It was a tough day as all the boys went down in their matches, but the guys were very nervous and struggled a little getting into a routine and the boys they played were seasoned campaigners and all played some very good golf.

I was very proud of all the boys for the effort they put in and now we have to see what we could learn from each of the matches to improve for next week. Next week’s match is against Windsor at Richmond and I am sure the boys will bounce back.


Week 2

Week 2 of the Encourage Shield. The Lakeside- Camden boys had a good day. Everyone had a huge improvement from last week all settling into their rounds much better this week. This week we played Windsor at Richmond GC. It was a very evenly played match, played in great spirit between both sides. It was a great result with the match going 3-3 all square. Everyone played more holes than last week and it was a much happier place after the round.

I would like to congratulate all the boys for their good play and thank all the parents for their continued support.


Week 3

Headed to Bankstown GC for week 3 of the Encourage Shield. The boys had a great day against the JNJG / Lynwood team. On a warm, windy day with the course in great shape the boys had a close loss going down 4-2. All the boys had a good round, playing much better (in most cases) than they had in previous weeks showing that they are getting used to playing competition golf.

Special congrats to Bryce Foster for his second win and William Meredith for winning a tough fought match on the 18th green, but a great effort for all the boys for playing with such great spirit.

Also a big thank you to all the parents for their help getting the boys started today with me being at Colonial. Ryan Tyson was the official "deputy manager", but it sounds like Robert Foster, Paul Johnstone, Paul Seery and James Brazzell were all a great help and allowed my absence for the start of the day. Thanks guys I appreciate all your efforts.


Week 4 

Final day of Encourage Shield at Leonay GC V Leonay. It was a great day out on the course and the boys played well but unfortunately the team went down to the home team and eventual winners of Division 6. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the boys for putting in a great effort. They have bonded well and grown both as golfers and young men. Everyone has finished the season better than they started and they now know they have some great golf buddies to play with in upcoming years. Also a great thanks to the parents. It was great to have everyone there today. The mums and dads have also bonded well and it has been great to get to spend this time with you all

During the course of the season I have seen all the boys grow as golfers with all aspects of their games improving plus their skills personally improve. They played the game with great spirit and did themselves and the club proud. During the season approx. half the teams handicaps have come down in Saturday comps due to the exposure to the competition and skills they have acquired. I am very pleased with how all the boys have done as only 6 months ago none of them had club handicaps.


Results during the year

During the season the team had 1 halved match and 4 losses


Will Meredith 4 matches – 2 wins 2 losses
Matt Johnson 4 matches – 4 losses
Bryce Foster 4 matches – 2 wins 2 losses
Josh Hadden 4 matches – 1 halved match 3 losses
Josh Brazzell 4 matches – 1 win 3 losses
Joel Tyson 4 matches – 1 win 1 half 2 losses
Jayden Seery 3 matches – 3 losses
Blake Vaughan 3 matches – 3 losses  


Team Coach
Jeff Mansfield