Lakeside Ladies Golf Club Championships 

Lakeside Ladies Golf Club Championships were held recently on Sunday 10th December 2017, with some incredible results. Congratulations to all ladies who placed and we look forward to watching you play again in 2018. 

Club Champion - Joanne Ogle
Club Champion Runner-up - Tracey Wood 
Silver Salver - Julie Turnbull
Division II Champion - Shane Murray 
Division II Championship Runner-up - Nancye Cullen    

Division I Championship Nett Winner - Kerry Seery   
Division II Championship Nett Winner - Gayle Roeder  

Mid-week Champion - Jan Jacka
Mid-week Division I Championship Runner-up - Joann Ogle
Mid-week Division II Champion - Linda Richards
Mid-week Division II Championship Runner-up - Nancye
Mid-week Division I Nett Champion - Patsy Lamberton
Mid-week Division II Nett Champion - Sandra McBlain
Mid-week Veteran Champion - Jan Jacka
Mid-week Veteran Nett Champion - Sandra McBlain    

Veteran Champion - Joanna Ogle 
Veteran Nett Champion - Julie Turnbull    
Division 11Championship Nett Winner - Gayle Roeder