The Encourage Shield Competition is a chance for junior golf club teams across the Sydney Metropolitan Region to compete and show off their skills in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Played over 18 holes, each contest involves six matches. Boys and girls are eligible to play and the competition provides an excellent opportunity for juniors to learn the art of match play before they take the next step up to Junior Pennant.




Our Encourage shield team:


  • Marnav Dutt
  • Petar Lozusic
  • Lara Lewis
  • Rihanna Gascoine
  • Edan Ravino
  • Jack Harrod
  • Hamish Rickard
  • and new comer
  • Liam Farrelly.


Round 1


Plated against Lane Cove GC against Pennant Hills (blue team).

We knew we were in for an interesting day when the first hole was a 195 meter dogleg par 3.


After half way we had Jack “the giant killer” 8 up, but the 2 girls weren’t fairing so well and the other matches could go either way, but then with about 6 holes to play things started to change. Jack playing a young guy nearly twice his size and on 9 shots less handicap had finished. Edan had picked up 3 holes, Rihanna had picked up 2 holes and Marnav and Petar were on the way up.


Our boys and girls dug deep with Jack’s huge win, Edan holing a long putt on the 18th to draw his match, Rihanna getting edged out at 18, one down, Petar winning 4/3 and finally Marnav getting up and down on the final 2 holes (the last hole was a 30 footer) to win his match 1up. We had the win 3.5 – 2.5.


It was a great result for our guys who have really come together well this season and are gelling well as a team.


Round 2


Played at home against Richmond GC.

After last weeks win we were hoping for good things, but playing against last years division winners, it was never going to be easy.


One of last weeks hero Marnav Dutt and first time player Liam Farrelly got off to a good start, but everyone else was a little slow out of the gate and although the matches were close we were down going through halfway.


Over the back nine the leaders on both sides only strengthened their positions with Lara Lewis Rihanna Gascoine, Jack Harrod and Hamish Rickard all getting edged out for losses. Marnav and Liam were able to finish their good starts and both came home with 2&1 wins.


It was a close day but our competitors played some good golf and just left our players wanting at the end.


Next week we are at Richmond Golf Course playing Liverpool GC.


Round  3


Lakeside team were up against Liverpool at Richmond GC.


It’s was a cold, wet, miserable day which lived up to the forecast that was predicted, but thankfully our boys and girls were up to the task.

With a couple of our top end players not available our girls, Lara and Rihanna, moved up to fill the 1 & 2 positions, leaving Liam, Edan and Jack to wag the tail of the team.

The weather held off for the front 9 with the team turning with 2 matches up, 1 match down and 2 halves.

Over the early holes on the back 9 most of the matches firmed with the 2 ups and the 2 halves strengthening their leads, leading us to a final result of 3/3.

Winners for the day were Liam Farrelly 7&5, Edan Ravino 5&4 and Jack Harrod 3&2 with Lara Lewis running into a “red hot” opponent and Rihanna Gascoine getting pipped at the post 2&1.

Special mention to Marnav Dutt today for his win with the Junior Pennant team.


Round 4


Lakeside team played Cumberland GC at Cumberland.

Just for a change it was a cold, wet, miserable day, but the kids must be getting used to it, as I think I was the only one complaining about it.  ????

Our guys and girls got off to a great start with all matches up after only 4 holes and the trend continued through the front nine.

Once again the tail wagged with Marnav (no3), Petar (no4), Liam (no5) and Hamish (no6) strengthened over the back nine with all the boys getting fantastic wins. Our young ladies Lara and Rihanna got off to a good start but playing number 1 & 2 respectively their opponents didn’t let off and were too strong over the back nines, Lara going down 3/2 and Rihanna getting beat on the last 1dn. With a 4-2 win playing an away match I was very pleased with how all our players performed.


Special mention to Hamish Rickard, who has improved an enormous amount over the past 12 months with a 7/5 win. It’s a culmination of hard work and patience and Hamish deserves all the praise.

Next week is Round 5 and the final week and we are playing against Lane Cove at Liverpool GC.

After 2 wins and a draw from 4 contests we are hoping to go out on a positive note.

The final round of the Encourage Shield results below, I have some pics I’ll send through as well


Round 5


Round 5 and the final match of the 2020 Encourage Shield competition for the Lakeside – Camden team. We were at Liverpool GC playing the 2nd place Lane Cove team, with some fine weather for a change. The matches went up and down all day with 4 of the 6 matches being within 2 shots all day.


The early finishers for the day were Rihanna Gascoine winning 7/5 and Marnav Dutt taking his first loss of the year 5/4. In the other 4 matches we had one finish on the 17th with the other 3 going to 18. Although the matches were close, we could only get one of the games home with Lara Lewis holing a 2 meter putt to take the last and win 2 up. The other 3 matches went with Petar Lozusic and Edan Ravino getting pipped in very close matches at 18 and Jack Harrod going down 2/1.


With all the matches being close calls and all the kids played gallantly, the result just finished on the wrong side with us going down 4/2. It  has been a great year for all involved with everyone showing just how far they have come. It was the best result we have ever had as a team in the event finishing tied 3rd behind the division winners Richmond.


The girls,  Lara and Rihanna, played 1 and 2 for most of the year and had plenty of close calls both picking up a win each. Our regular boys showed some real experience with Marnav winning 3 games (plus another win with the Junior Pennant), Petar winning 2 games (and a tie with the Junior Pennant), Jack getting 2 wins, Edan getting 2 wins and a close loss and Hamish getting a win.


The surprise package was new comer Liam Farrelly. In his first season playing Encourage Shield Liam won 3 matches from 3 starts. Apart from their achievements on the course our ladies and gents played as a tight knit team and in great spirit, doing their families and club proud.


Being the last match of the year I have some “Thank you’s” to make. Firstly to the players and parents / grand parents for making the experience an enjoyable one. This is something I look forward to every year and feel lucky I get to share with you all and this year was no different. Secondly, to the club and the clubs staff  for organising uniforms and golf balls for the event as well as sandwiches, drinks and other service for our home match at Lakeside. It’s always great to ‘play at home’. Finally to Karen Hansen from West’s and Dean Pitman and the Board. The players and I thank you for all your support this and every year. Without your generous support we would not be able to enjoy this event as much as we do.


2020 has been a very different year and I’m glad our boys and girls showed us all how to enjoy good company, competition and the game we all love.