B&C Grade Pennants

Our T.L Warren (B Grade) and W Gibson (C Grade)  Pennants commenced 26/7/20)


B Grade team


  • Larry Foley (Captain/Manager)
  • Paul Noring
  • Jason Grovenor
  • Chris Warby
  • Patrik Nilsson
  • Andrew Calman
  • Michael Ng
  • Garry McFayden

C Grade team


  • Peter McFadden (Captain/Manager)
  • Mark Coves
  • Tony Micaleff
  • Ron Thomas
  • Sebastian Gambera
  • Phil Mottershead
  • Brad Godfrey
  • Peter Coles

Round 1 – Against Richmond at Lakeside which unfortunately due to heavy/consistent rain saw a washout.

Round 2 – Our teams travelled to Richmond and were not successful for the win




We played Richmond at their home course on Sunday and achieved a great win away. Team 1 Brad Godfrey & Tony Micallef played extremely well and controlled their match the whole round with a 5/3 win. Team 2 Mark Cove & Phil Mottershead played extremely well under the conditions and for some time were 2up but home course advantaged to Richmond prevailed who ended up winning 2/1. Team 3 Ron Thomas & Peter McFadden fought hard all round holding a 1up lead for most of the round. At one stage we held a 3up lead and eventually prevailed with 2/1 win.

The team should be very proud of this result it is never easy winning away in pennants and hopefully the confidence they gain from this round will assist in more positive results during this series.


Round 3 The team heads to Wallacia on Sunday