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The latest Rulings/Recommendations from Golf NSW dated 31/7/20 have been adopted and shall take effect immediately at Lakeside Golf Club Camden.




  • Two players may share a golf cart. One player is to be responsible for the driving duties and the passenger remain on the passenger side of the cart at all times. Carts will be sanitised on return to the Club after each round. Players not wishing to share a cart will be required to pay the full cost of the cart. Please place the notice provided on your cart steering wheel when you finish your round, so we can ensure it is cleaned.




  •  Bunkers – Rakes have been removed from all bunkers.

Preferred Lies permitted – When a player’s ball lies in a bunker, the ball may be lifted, without penalty, and cleaned.  Before lifting the ball, the player must mark the spot of the original ball (reference point).  Having lifted the ball, the player must place the ball in a spot in the bunker within one club length of and not nearer the hole than the reference point. A player may place their ball only once and it is in play when it is replaced. Breach of Rule: General Penalty (2 strokes).

Players are requested to smooth bunkers using their feet or a club after completing their shot in the bunker.

  • Flagsticks

The flagstick must be left in the hole at all times.  Breach of Rule: General Penalty (2 strokes).

A ball at rest in the hole will be considered holed even if it is not entirely below the level of the hole.

The cups have been placed upside down making the hole shallower than normal therefore, making it easier to remove the ball without touching the flag stick or the hole cup.

  • Scoring

All players are to mark their own score card and to verbally agree their total scores at the end of the round with their playing partner. Players must keep the score of another player in the group (other than your partner) in the marker column on the card. The card must be signed by the player. Breach of Rule: Disqualification. Remember, honesty and integrity are integral to golf.

Scan your own scorecard. Hand sanitiser is located near the kiosk.

  • Nearest to Pins/Super Pins – will be withdrawn and additional balls added to the Ball competition.
  • Sand buckets – All sand buckets will be removed and we ask golfers who walk to make sure they purchase their own or collect one to use during this time. Sand Buckets on the carts will remain as these are wiped down after each use. We ask all golfers to ensure they fill their divots.


SOCIAL DISTANCING – remember at all times to maintain 1.5m


  1. Putting Green – maximum 8 people (1 person per hole)
  2. Driving Range – Maximum 15 people (1 person per bay)
  3. You should arrive 20 minutes prior to tee off (unless using the Practice Facilities). One group should be on the tee/the next group 1-2metres back at the yellow ‘X” on the path and the following group behind that on the yellow ‘X”.
  4. Should your tee time be later than this, you should move to the clubhouse until called to the tee, or simply know where you are on the timesheet and make your way to the areas as detailed above.
  5. Please do not congregate outside the Golf Shop as this is a high traffic area and becomes too congested with carts/buggies etc.



  • All players and those using the driving range etc must sign the COVID Register. You are required to scan your membership card or drivers licence on every visit to the Club, please ensure that you carry these with you.